Saturday, 8 December 2012

Week 1 2012

Well I was a naughty elf last year and didn't keep my diary up to date last year boy did I get in trouble when I got back to the North Pole. So this year the head elf has told me to update it once a week so here is what I have been up to this week.
 This is me when I arrived at Aimee's house You can just see her pretty Christmas tree next to me can you belive she made most of the decorations her self.
I felt a bit peckish so made my self some breakfast Mum wasn't pleased as I made a bit of a mess doesn't she understand that I'm only a little elf and the box was bigger than me.
From up here I could keep an eye on Mum whilst she made Christmas cards.
I hid lots of jokes all over the house for Aimee to find on the front door ....
On the front room light .....
and with the Christmas cards she has found 22 out of the 25 I hid. Keep looking Aimee!!
I had a very frighting time this week when Sparky chased me I thought he was just being friendly when he came over to sniff me but then he grabbed me in his mouth and threw me in the air and chased me round the front room I managed to get to safety when I climbed up the christmas lights in the hallway. Unfortunatly sparky got hold of my noteook and my passport, Aimee was very worried how I would get back to the North Pole but it was ok as Father Christmas arranged for a emergency elf pack to be sent to me.
Guess what one of my friends Jeremy Jingles is staying close by at Mali's house Aimee says she knows Mali isn't that nice I hope he is getting on ok as it is his first year I shall have to send him a letter by elf post next week.
Aimee has been a little naught this week and I had to put her onto Father Christmas to watch list but she has been good since and is now back on the good girls list keep it up Aimee.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve

Well it's Christmas eve and I have to go back to the north pole tonight with Father Christmas, I'll be glad to go back to see all the elves but will miss Aimee lots. Thought I better catch up on here with what I had been up to.  Now look what grew in from Aimee's magic seeds. They were soon picked and eaten .
I made some paper chains for Aimee the other night but got in a bit of a pickle with them and before I knew it Aimee was up and as I hadn't finished them so she finished making them and hung them in the front room. I thought I could swing from chain to chain a bit like a monkey but this didn't work sorry Aimee.
Last night I thought I would play with some of my magic dirt and see if I could grow some santa treats for Aimee to enjoy for the rest of the holidays. I managed to harvest the marshmallows b efore she got up but got sidetracked eating a little treat and ran out of time to pick all the chocolate. I hope Aimee foound them and Mum wasn't to cross at the magic dirt being on the table.
I might be back with one last post before I go home as I have a little surprise for the children.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Look what I've been up to

Wow how quick is this month going by I can't belive that it's Christmas next week!

Here's some photo's of what I've been up to

I ate lots of sweets and drank Dad's coffee.

I played with the toilet roll I pulled it down the stairs and covered Shannon's door in it ha ha ha!
 I got Shannon's makeup out and put it on Aimee's doll boy did Shannon look cross when she woke up.

I bought some craft activities for Aimee to do the first one was to sratch messages on these black boards and then to make some Christmas badges.
And last night I left Aimee some magic seeds to plant can't wait to see what she grows. Make sure you look after them Aimee and don't let Dad throw them on the floor anymore!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

I'm back!!!

 Woo hoo I'm back, I'm so happy Father Christmas has let me come back to stay with Aimee again this year. I had so much fun at her house last year, I hope its as good this year. I crept in throught the back door and set my Christmas advent tree up on the freezer, theres  a little package for each day untill I go home on Christmas eve. Aimee was really happy to see me again, Mum wasn't so pleased as  I forgot to close the back door and it was really cold. Sorry Mum.
I been really good for the last couple of days as Dad had to go to hospital for a little operation. Last night I found a really good picture in Aimee's colouring book, it looked just like Father Christmas's workshop so I went to find some pens and found a box full of great pens loads of lovely colours and set about colouring it for Aimee. What do you think?
Aimee got up this morning to find me still at her desk I only just finished it before she got up. She told me off though cause I had used Mum's expensive pens whoops sorry Mum.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Joll the artist

Whoops Ive been naughty again I decided to do some drawing tonight only I couldn't find any paper so I used the children it was very funny what do you think?

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Quick update

Wow what a busy few days we have had here I haven't had chance to update my blog with all the things I have been up to.

I gave the children some decorations for their trees to remind them of me they are cute little elves. I wrapped them up for them but fell alsleep before I had time to tidy up Aimee was not very happy about the mess I left and she told me off because I had used Mums sissors.

I found some bags of gold coins this week and thought I would share them out so I got the childrens money boxes and me and teddy tried to put them in but they were to big turns out they were made of chocolate didn't I feel silly when I saw Aimee eat them.

Last night I left a DVD for the children to watch guess what it was about? .......

Elves of course Buddy is a friend of a friend back in the North Pole.

I do hope that Aimee is going to behave for the next few days as I would hate to have to put her on Santa's naughty list. But if she behaves the way she has today then I will.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Decorating the tree

I was feeling a bit naughty last night and when I saw the pile of new undies for Aimee on the stairs I knew just what to do ........ decorate the christmas tree with them! I think it looks much better now than when Mum decorated it.